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Millennials do not possess the same attachment levels to conventional television as the previous generations. The original tv was a comfort source for Generation X and the baby boomers. This notion holds for not only entertainment but for all areas of life. Just like luxury cars, millennials tend to evaluate the real value of a media item before following behind it with unquestionable loyalty.

It is in the same spirit that this tech-savvy generation has created mind-blowing advertising platforms to address the core concerns of businesses. One of these innovations is CTV.

What is CTV?
The full meaning of the acronym is 'connected television.' It refers to a modality of advertisement that has a connection to the Internet. The ads show up on streaming content after when they make it through a programmatically method of selection. CTV is evident in devices such as phones, tablets, and computer desktops.

What is the difference between CTV and OTT?

Over The Top refers to video advertising content that streams directly to any device that has an Internet connection. It is readily viewable on an array of tools because one does not need a subscription to come across OTT content. CTV is not an entirely different facet separate from OTT.

It refers to the device that shows the OTT content. A traditional television can become a modern Connected TV with the inclusion of gaming consoles and multimedia tools like Apple TV and Roku. In other words, OTT is the mechanism of delivery, while CTV is the device that displays the message.

Why should marketers invest in Connected TV?

A big market

As much as CTV advertising is an invention of the millennial age, it has a reach that goes beyond the generation. Baby boomers did a god job at adapting tech into the daily lives. Even our live-in grandparents have to view the television at one point of the day.

This statistic means that CTV is available to anyone in the reach of a digital device with an online connection. You may gain new business partners and an increase in sales revenue from the television that entertains patients in a hospital. Do not disregard the power of CTV by limiting it to the latest generation.

Seamlessness of devices

Launch Media can coordinate your message across all devices that are in the loop of the Internet of Things. The consequence of using this strategy to target a user’s network is powerful beyond the impact evident in a single CTV. Marketers will have a better chance at pulling in a client when they can circumvent their digital life with one consistent message.


We can all attest to the urge of running to the Kitchen when our favorite show gets an interruption by an ad with minimal significance in our lives. CTV advertising changes this by showing content that blends with the user’s lifestyle. The viewer will not be taking a break from their health documentary when they see an ad about the best place to get fresh food supplies. Contact us for all your OTT management needs in the business.


Ctv Advertising

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